Telecom Invoice Auditing

Auditing Telephone Bills and Telecommunications Invoices

Auditel provides telephone bill and telecom invoice audits for corporate and government entities. These expense management audits produce a savings of over 25% with no sales, no carrier changes required.

Our telecom expense auditing can reduce your Corporate Budget if any of these apply:

  • Decentralized telecom (all bills sent to various office locations)
  • Not time for telecom planning
  • No dedicated staff to manage telecom acquisition (before, during and after acquisition)
  • No dedicated telecom management
  • Many small office locations
  • Frequent changes in lines, service address, features, or configurations
  • No handle on your telecom equipment (lease versus buy equipment)
  • New service adoption or Service migration (e.g., VoIP MPLS)
  • Rapid network expansion or contraction
  • Mergers, acquisitions, divestments, or sales channel changes
  • No idea of contractual commitments or expiration dates
  • No applications for rebates on service contracts
  • Do you qualify for or tax exemptions
  • Are your regulatory requirements met? fire alarm, elevator codes, etc.
  • Do you have optimized contract terms
  • Verify telecom inventory monthly
  • No bill consolidations? This can shorten A/P cycle